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True Nature Writing

A process that helps release writing blocks, mine stories, and discover truth.

Elegant * Uncomplicated * Spacious * Effective * Deep * Powerful * Invigorating * Healing

True Nature Writing is an effective and profound writing process catalyzed by a poem, a rich piece of prose, or a prompt. We write, fast and messy, stealthily evading our inner critic. We drop concerns about grammar or audience and allow our honest and powerful words to emerge. Then we read our writing aloud, without preface or apology, offering our words to the group where they are heard without praise or critique. In the end we leave feeling full and unburdened, with 3 pieces of writing – portals to our deepest, most candid selves – that may be the start of something more.

  • It’s a writing practice. We write, and in so doing we become writers.

  • It’s an intuition practice. We follow our intuition, learning to listen to our inner wisdom.

  • It’s a trust practice. We learn to trust our intuition, the process, and the people we are with, and we feel stronger and safer as a result.

  • It’s a courage practice. We become increasingly willing to face and feel life, in all its messiness and beauty.

  • It’s a resilience practice. We write, share, and heal, becoming better at navigating the ups and downs of life. 

True Nature Writing is for you if:

  • You’re a thoughtful creative person who wants to explore your creativity and find your voice.

  • You’ve always wanted to write, enjoy putting words on a page, or have been told by someone (if only yourself) that you should be a writer.

  • You’re a writer and want to deepen your process and get to the rich centre of your stories.

  • You have stories to tell, and aren’t sure how to begin or how to get to the nub of what you really want to say.

  • You’d love a community of people to create with, even if sharing your work makes you a bit nervous. 

  • You care deeply about nature and the world around you. 

By taking these classes you will have a chance to:

  • Develop your skills as a writer, and get lots of ink on the page.

  • Find out what you have to say.

  • Create meaning, in community.

  • Notice more and be more present in your daily life. 

  • Connect with nature and your own true nature.

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