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About Me and My Work

Hi! I'm Joyce -- a writing teacher, life and creativity coach, and writer. I work with creative thoughtful people who want to enjoy their day-to-day lives and contribute to the world. I relate easily with anyone who cares about nature and human goodness and wants to live fully, courageously, and make a difference.

Through my classes and coaching, I help people ignite their creativity, enhance meaning, live in the moment, and connect with nature and their own true nature.

A few things about me

  • I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, on the Canadian prairies, with my husband, 2 sons, and our sweet dog Aven. 

  • I grew up outside of Winnipeg, MB, where we had a huge garden, an array of pets, and lots of freedom. I often spent all day on horseback with a happy dog nearby. 

  • I love to make things with fabric, thread, paint, and paper, especially art quilts and homemade books.  

  • I love words and books. I also love tea in a pottery mug, good wool socks, and homemade soup.

  • I require generous doses of silence, space and solitude. I am awed by small beauties like shadows, the shapes and textures of seeds, and the colours on the surface of a windblown lake.

  • I am invigorated by big skies, intact prairie grasslands and forest trails.  I can’t help smiling when outdoors and walking, pedalling my mountain bike, paddling my kayak, or being around dogs. They're the best!

  • I am much too serious at times, but I also like to sing and make up silly little dances. 

  • I write - mostly to figure things out, and to find out what I have to say.

  • I love learning and am humbled by the lessons of parenting, facing challenges, and dealing with the daily ups and downs of being human.

  • I am fascinated by resilience. And grateful for it. 

  • The loss of nature and the threats to our ecosystems weigh heavily on me. I am learning to feel that pain fully, so I can appreciate all that nature has to offer.

  • I am compact, feisty, and honest, so I won’t gloss over my struggles when I’m down. But when I’m up you’ll see my light, and I will always see yours. 

  • I love connecting with people at a deep level, hearing what they’re struggling with and what makes them feel most alive. Seeing the light of new understanding show up. Watching as they make themselves proud. That’s why I coach and teach.

  • I see myself as a champion of truth, beauty and possibility.

Background and Training 

I love learning and integrating the best of it into my work. I am a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach and have trained as a Creativity Coach with Eric Maisel, a Soul’s Calling Coach with Bev Barnes, and a Wild Writing Teacher with Laurie Wagner. I have a B. Sc. and M. Sc. in Biology and worked in conservation ecology for several years. I also have an M. Ed. in Educational Psychology and have counselled University students and taught Science through Art in elementary schools. 

Joyce is a perfect blend of fun and practicality in a small determined package. She has a desire and an ability to live life, big picture and small picture, with an alignment of personal values and integrity. 


Jo-Anne Joyce

​Joyce has a knack for bringing clarity to times of uncertainty. Why does it have to be any more complicated than that? 


Glenn S.

Creativity is what Joyce is all about. Art, music, writing and appreciation of beauty are an integral part of who she is. Her ability to link different things together comes from her deep understanding of nature. Like a tree with deep roots, she digs below the surface. She brings deep listening and curiosity to everything she does. 

Karin K. 

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